best laptop

Choosing the Best Laptop that will Meet Your Needs

When you’re selecting your new laptop, it’s important to get the one that will meet your needs. After all, you’re going to spend at least a few hundred dollars on this machine, and you’ll spend a lot of time using it. So how can you make sure that it is right for you?

best laptop

Start by looking at the size. Yes, all laptops are portable, but they range from the 11.6-inch screen (weighing between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 pounds) to the 18.4-inch screen that allows you to have productivity more like a work station. Of course, this type of laptop is better for those who leave it sitting on a desk most of the day, because it gets bulky. The most popular size has a 15-inch screen and weighs between 4 and 6 pounds. For those who don’t move their laptops around a lot during the day, this makes a lot of sense. For more in depth information you, visit Technemag or similar sites to get the full grip of what kind of machine you want.

Another factor to consider has to do with the keyboard and touchpad. Some keyboards don’t let the keys go down a lot when you press them, so you’re not sure whether you typed that letter or not and have to keep looking at the screen to make sure. As long as your key goes down even a millimeter or two, though, your fingers know that they have achieved success and are ready to move on to the next letter. You also need enough space between the keys so that you’re not typing over yourself. Even the smallest laptops are available with keyboards that space the letter out right.

With the touchpad, you want one that gives you a cursor that slides instead of jumps and will respond accurately to such gestures as the pinch-to-zoom. Think about getting a laptop with a nub (or pointing stick) between the G and H keys so that you can move around your desktop while your hands are still sitting on that “home row” (A through semicolon).

Size and interface are key factors when choosing your laptop. Price is also important, but if the laptop doesn’t meet your needs, saving a few hundred dollars isn’t always worth it.